ARTchose me from the beginning. I have been involved in many different matters, work contexts and professions during my life, but art with its multiple expressions has constantly followed me, along my winding path, keeping me company, comforting and guiding me, showing me the relationship between events, revealing the meaning of life and the beauty of our Universe. It has given me a voice when words have not been enough, and a deeper and wider dimension for feelings and understanding, when everyday live has threatened to turn aimless or simply too narrow. How, then, not to pay attention to art expressions with all my senses? How not to surrender and give art my last years on earth, sharing what I may create with those receptive to it?


Art helps me to understand myself and the people around me. It helps me to “get in touch” and to get close to nature. Art teaches me about love - to make art is to face passion, and to live “in art” is to be permanently in love.


To be alive means to grow – in pain, in joy or both at the same time. To live means to walk – ahead, sometimes backwards or around. Art teaches me to see and “to listen” with my whole being, thus helping me grow and walk through time in a meaningful way, so that I, at times, can rest on the essence of existence for a moment.


Life has walked me through many different countries. I was born in Chile, travelled several times along the west coast of South America, left for New Zealand visiting Easter Island and Tahiti on the way, went on to Germany and Spain, and finally landed in Sweden. These journeys and my never ending wondering to new corners of our beautiful planet, inspires my painting, my photography and my writing.



Photo: Christer Boman

Marilyn Oyarzún Yarza