When it comes to painting and dancing there is an indescribable feeling attached to sharing your passion, your knowledge and your acquired skills with people who want to learn and are keen on experiencing new things.


It is a process which transcends the practical work and which reaches the realms of intercommunication between human beings – opening the door to a better understanding, new perspectives and, sometimes, I would say to ecstasy. You give and you get back – and something else is born in between.


To “meet in art making” is “lifting” from the ordinary encounters of daily life and finding yourself in a new dimension where your inner world, your feelings and emotions receive the attention they deserve.


I enjoy working with small groups of people who cherish the important role of art, in play and fantasy.





  • Free Painting
  • Art Therapy
  • Drawing to Oriental Dance



  • Oriental Dance
  • Polynesian Rythms














Marilyn Oyarzún Yarza